I guess that is a complex question that requires a complex answer…I have been writing for a long, long time…I first began with a profession that requires – a great deal of writing and writing skills. Then I began to write short stories based on real events. These stories focused on the lives and experiences of people who have been wronged by society, victimized due to their status, and cultural and social background. I have also always been an advocate of women’s rights. My short stories were published in city newspapersand the newspapers asked me to provide more for publication, so I did. After that I began writing mystical romantic and healing spiritual poetry based on true experiences of mine. So I was a short story writer before becoming a poet. I base my writing on what I really experience in my life and on what I genuinely feel in my heart.

I do not have an agent or anyone else who “made” me into who I am today. No one fashioned me like clay. And I did not become who I am today in order to please or flatter anyone.

I can, however, thank my spiritual master for giving me the training and knowledge to experience the mystical and spiritual events that I describe in my poetry and short stories, and for that I am deeply, forever grateful to him.


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