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KNG certainly has a way of making imposing impressions!❤️He founded and directs Gil-Story, an artistic and humanitarian website which never ceases to amaze me, with its awesome talented contributors, of which KNG is a part – and its beautiful humanitarian purposes.  KNG is known for his ability to get along with those around him – and to inspire them to be their best.  His humor makes me laugh for hours, and he always brings positive, nourishing, uplifting energy into my world.

I can feel his energy fields at times and I suddenly get happy for no apparent reason.  Then, when I look at his Gil-Story page, I find out he has posted.  Or he has appeared live.  Something has happened – and he has come once more into my world…❤️😊🙏

I consider KNG a Lightworker.  Someone special brought to this world to bring in the Light – inspiration, high ideals, enlightenment, and above all – healing energy.

I wonder if KNG thinks of himself as a healer — but that is what I feel he is.  I find his energy soothing, calming, inspiring, nourishing, and uplifting.  I feel his energy when he is present – when he posts, when he appears live, when he appears in shows – and generally – I feel his presence. 

There are many performers and celebrities who contribute to philanthropic and humanitarian causes, but to find someone with intense healing energy fields like KNG – is rare.

I know he is never really gone – like when he travels…but his awareness and focus is very intense –  like a laser beam 😊.  And when I feel it, I couldn’t be happier.

What would the world be without KNG?  Well from my perspective, I would say the world would be alot more dismal, and empty.  Certainly my own world would be far more empty without KNG.

This is why KNG should always be performing and in a leadership capacity.  Whether in the field of entertainment, or in some other field influencing society – perhaps even in government.  I am certain he could easily lead his country! – if he ever wanted to go into the field of government.  I read that -as a child, he wanted to be the leader of his country. He would indeed be a formidable government leader in the world.🌹😊👌

I am hoping he will again receive an award for his performance in The Fiery Priest and for any of his performances.❤️🙏👌

I feel KNG truly is – a humanitarian, a leader in his field of entertainment, – and wonderfully, a really powerful Lightworker.❤️😊❤️😘

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