Golden Goddess Crystalle, Boudoir and Glamour Model
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Golden Goddess Crystalle
Golden Goddess Crystalle

“Modeling…came to me…It just happened to me…No one inspired me to become a model…”❤️

New Orleans, Louisiana



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How I Became a Model❤️

Modeling…just happened to me…No one inspired me to become a model”

Many people have asked me for photos and videos of me modeling. It may be a bit of a surprise to some people, but modeling is actually something I have done for some time. I don’t think about it much, since it has been so natural for me – and other things have been more of a focus for me.

As to professional experience, I began modeling when I was in school. I did not look for modeling…No one inspired me to become a model…

Modeling..came to me…It just happened to me…

I remember riding the trolley on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans…to go shopping downtown. Professional photographers would approach me and ask me to model swimwear for Sears… The photos would appear in Sears advertising. I truly enjoyed modeling, as I do now.

I have also modeled swimwear, lingerie and ladies’ apparel professionally for other companies.

I have often been asked to model lingerie and jewelry by others, so it is not surprising to me that people continue to ask me for photos and videos of me modeling.❤️

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Goddess Crystalle, Glamour Model❤️

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