My Heart is Yours❤️

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Dear Kim Nam Gil:

Happy Birthday 3/13.❤️❤️❤️ Honestly? You are definitely the strongest and most focused man I know. Invincible. A true King😘😘😘 You are so brave, KNG. So very brave.❤️I love seeing you lead- like the leader you are.❤️ I am so proud of you❤️

You are a Light-worker, KNG❤️🌹The world needs you.

Just know my heart is yours.❤️❤️❤️Always.❤️❤️😘 And may the Angels protect your health and well-being.

I made the video below for you.❤️🌹The words to the video were born in my heart.

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THE FIERY PRIEST – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Fiery Priest, starring Kim Nam Gil, is getting better each episode😂. The Fiery Priest still retains his hilariously funny bad temper, but the ex-intelligence agent inside of him is just more and more focused. ❤️

I don’t think it was the fiery priest, ex-intelligence agent who was lucky to find his 😂mentor, the old priest. I think it was his mentor, the old priest, who was lucky to find the fiery priest.😂

It would take someone like the fiery priest to change the corruption that was going on. Not just a fiery priest – an ex-intelligence agent turned priest😊❤️

It is awesome how well KNG handles his role as the fiery priest -with the greatest of ease😊😊😊❤️ Truly able to move easily from a kind priest into an angry priest – but all the time with a brilliant ex-intelligence agent underneath the surface.

The fiery priest is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, tracking every move the corrupt gangsters make to avoid justice.❤️

Episodes 11-14 focus on how the fiery priest tracks down the false witnesses who were used to malign his old mentor the old priest. The fiery priest is very realistic and quickly unravels the cause and details of the old priest’s mysterious death.

The Fiery Priest just gets better and better❤️😊I love KNG in this type of role but KNG is good at all of the roles I have seen him play.

The producers and director of The Fiery Priest are lucky to have Kim Nam Gil in this show and I hope they do everything to make it safe for KNG since he is filming numerous intense action scenes.

The producers and director are very gifted people and have produced a brilliant show. They have the best actor they could possibly have in KNG and KNG is extremely hard-working.

KNG’s acting is worth waiting for in my opinion❤️❤️❤️KNG is truly THE BEST❤️❤️🌹😘

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THE FIERY PRIEST – An Intelligence Agent in Priestly Robes

I absolutely loved the last few episodes when the fiery priest begins to use his brilliant mind more to use strategy to catch the killers of his mentor, the old priest.❤️

At this point there is a departure from the previous highly comical fiery priest to what appears to be an ex-intelligence agent in priestly robes. OMG!! Kim Nam Gil is so good playing this type of role… Strategy over fist fights…Intelligence over anger…Brains over brawn…❤️❤️❤️

Wow!!! The Fiery Priest is both handsome, masculine and strong —and brilliant and scheming, for righteous purposes.❤️What a combination❤️😊

The fiery priest I hope remains the main focus of this show. All the actors in this show (great cast) in my view are – and should be – supporting actors, weaving their roles to support the main character, the fiery priest. That way the development of the main character stands out more and remains more cohesive, although this is a great comedy😂😂

I hope the screenwriter focuses more on this transformation of the fiery priest in future episodes. You could not have chosen a better actor to play this part than Kim Nam Gil❤️😊

Great comedy! And great acting, Kim Nam Gil❤️❤️😊 I hope the powers that be in the Korean entertainment industry hear me when I say that Kim Nam Gil really deserves an award🙏🌹❤️

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THE FIERY PRIEST – Fighting with the Coffee Machine??😂❤️

Is it possible to have a fist fight with a coffee machine? Well that is what the fiery priest does in this comedy. Again, Kim Nam Gil is at his best when he keeps a straight angry face while he battles with a coffee machine😂😂😂 This comedy just gets better and better ❤️😊 The screenwriter of Fiery Priest is truly gifted I think.

When the fiery priest puts coins in a coffee vending machine, the machine fails to provide the coffee, which enfuriates the priest. Then the priest begins to beat the machine with his fists (ouch!😢) I wonder how Kim Nam Gil fared after this fist fight. I doubt if the machine survived but I am more concerned about the consequences to the priest. After all the machine is hard metal!😂

Now the priest is doing something very interesting. He is using strategy to fight abuses and corruption rather than just his fists and martial arts skills. He visits the main gangster’s businessmen’s award ceremony and quietly but very aggressively talks to the gangster, accusing him of killing his mentor, the benevolent old priest. Since the fiery priest is a priest, and this is a public event the gangsters do not want to make a fuss. And they hesitate to kill the fiery priest.

Here we see a different side of the fiery priest. His scheming attitude really reminds me of Bidam in The Great Queen Seondeok. Kim Nam Gil played the role of Bidam and won an award for it. The great intelligence of the fiery priest comes out more now. The fiery priest also discovers his old mentor’s secret wooden box in which the mentor had tracked all the abuses that were going on. The fiery priest writes the Pope…and the Pope listens.❤️😊 As a result the investigation into the old priest’s death and causes of death is reopened.

Let’s see how the character of the fiery priest develops. But one thing is certain…Kim Nam Gil is a brilliant actor❤️I always look forward to his work. Again, I really hope KNG gets an award for this show❤️❤️❤️

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THE FIERY PRIEST – Priest or Policeman?

I have seen Episodes 5 and 6 of The Fiery Priest, starring Kim Nam Gil. Superb acting!😊❤️ Bravo, Kim Nam Gil❤️ In one interesting scene, the fiery priest is seen leaving the intelligence agency he worked for prior to becoming a priest. It suits KNG perfectly to be a special forces agent. Traumatized by the events he had to go through, the fiery priest leaves the agency and by some miracle the old priest, his mentor, saves him from becoming a vagabond, totally crushed and in extreme emotional pain. The fiery priest then is ordained. But the old mentor cannot change the fiery priest into a passive person, using only love and forgiveness as tools to change people for the better. The fiery priest remains the special forces powerhouse that he always was, except with more righteous anger than before. To be honest, I feel it is more attractive to see an active special forces man whose goal is to set things right and stop the abuses that are taking place than a passive priest who gets walked on. But the fiery priest is confused as to who he should be – forgiving priest or active policeman? This pull and conflict inside the fiery priest is very well portrayed by Kim Nam Gil.

There is a superb scene I love in which the fiery priest is confronted by one of the thugs in this series. The priest calmly listens to the thug and watches him show off his martial arts skills. Then the priest does an amazing flying kick and effortlessly knocks down the thug😂❤️

The series is developing nicely with more tension as the priest is left alone without his mentor and alone in his views as to how the old mentor was killed. The priest is obviously highly intelligent and can easily see through people’s lies.

I look forward to the development of this story and above all, to Kim Nam Gil’s action scenes and his remarkable ability to swing from peaceful priest to a fantastic intelligence agent.❤️ I really hope KNG gets an award for his superb acting skills.❤️😊

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THE FIERY PRIEST is a devoted actor❤️

Some people have the ability to portray a character with ease. Acting comes naturally to them. I think this is the case with Kim Nam Gil, the Fiery Priest. In all the years I have observed him, it has become apparent to me that Kim Nam Gil is very devoted to his career including his acting. He is also a producer and a director. He also produces and manages Gil-Story, an amazing artistic and humanitarian website. Oh, and he is also an accomplished singer. He is highly creative and talented in anything he produces or portrays as an actor. He seems to be a perfectionist and I think he puts his entire focus and energy into anything he does.

Kim Nam Gil is not just a great comical actor or handsome idol. He is a very spiritual person who knows a secret to success is hard work and focus. He has always seemed very careful with everything he does, and this to me means a person who is fully devoted to his career.

There is nothing but pure love in his heart for humanity and I am sure he works very hard to accomplish his career goals. No one should be surprised that Kim Nam Gil is a very hard working and devoted actor😊although I do not like to see that he might appear injured sometimes from the action scenes he has filmed ( I don’t want to see him hurt, of course.)I understand he may even do his own stunts!

Needless to say I have alot of respect for Kim Nam Gil😊❤️

I really want to see him get another award.❤️

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THE FIERY PRIEST is a real Tiger❤️.

Well, you know the old saying, “You can’t bleach the stripes out of a tiger.” After watching the first four episodes of Fiery Priest, starring Kim Nam Gil, I can say this saying definitely applies to this show.

Kim Nam Gil is at his best in this series…He manages to keep a serious face in the most comical scenes which adds even more humor to this show.

Some people have made comments that they did not expect to see KNG portray a strong, serious, brawny character. But actually he does a marvelous job and it suits him very well to play that type of role.

KNG appears to me to be a very kind, compassionate and extremely sensitive man. But he is quite talented in fighting scenes. It is my understanding that he is also trained in martial arts, and it is also apparent that he is very talented in this area as well. ..He is obviously multi-talented and to view KNG as just another handsome actor would be terribly short-sighted. KNG played the role of Bidam so well, and Bidam was insecure and emotional but also the greatest swordsman of his country .

I think the combination of sensitivity and strength is outstanding in anyone, especially men. This characteristic comes out in KNG especially when he plays certain roles like Bidam and the fiery priest.

As episodes 1-4 unfold, it is obvious that no matter what, you just can’t take the fighter out of the priest, or convert a tiger into a lamb😂😂😂

Truly hilarious, this comedy was written quite well and I can’t think of anyone better suited to play the fiery priest than KNG.

I think I will be watching this show quite a few times!!😊❤️

Thank you, KNG for being who you are, and for giving the public an opportunity of watching your incredibly excellent acting in such an outstanding show❤️❤️🙏❤️

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Kim Nam Gil, Korean actor, is the perfect actor to play the angry priest in the show FIERY PRIEST. Kim Nam Gil has an outstanding appearance and I daresay a very powerful imposing look about him. There is a seriousness about him that fits the main character he portrays. Although he can come across as a naive funny young man, he is so versatile he comes across as an imposing serious character in FIERY PRIEST. Tall and truly handsome, he conveys a serious energy that means “I really mean business”.😂 And so there is a scene I have watched in a preview of FIERY PRIEST where Kim Nam Gil appears to do an amazing martial arts jump/kick and knocks someone out with it. 😂 I believe I read that Kim Nam Gil gets martial arts training in real life. WOW!! What a gifted man!!😊❤️

I have always felt that Kim Nam Gil has a very powerful intense energy no matter what role he is playing. Wherever Kim Nam Gil applies that energy – he will convey that intensity. He is like a giant magnet and I always feel the power of his energy.😊 He cannot hide it and I hope he never does because I feel he can be – and is – a leader in whatever field he chooses.❤️

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I just saw two videos featuring Kim Nam Gil, the Korean actor. Kim Nam Gil (KNG) is very good with foreign languages. He was speaking English in both, and he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely😊❤️ His English was very good and I feel he would do well speaking English in a movie❤️❤️😊KNG has many talents and he is quick with words. I have seen some of his own written creations and he is a deep thinker. Don’t be fooled by his wonderful comedic personality- I feel he is a very intense, wise and intelligent performer, way above average, which is visible in the humanitarian way he approaches social problems and treats fine arts. There is deep spiritual content in this man’s gifted mind and compassionate heart.

Truly, KNG is someone I like to call The Perfect Man.😊❤️

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There is a very good trailer out. The show is a Korean show named “Fiery Priest” with the actor Kim Nam Gil as the Fiery Priest, the main character. I daresay if the show is as funny as the trailer, it’s going to be fun to watch!😊 Imagine a tall, serious and intimidating priest with a bad temper who knocks the lights out of “The Wayward Ones”. He is a pro at leaving people flat on the floor. 😂 Then he makes the sign of the Cross when he is finished.😂

Honestly, I love this actor because he is so versatile and so comical😂

I like all of Kim Nam Gil’s movies and shows I have seen. This is some of the best acting I have seen and I have seen lots of movies!

Kim Nam Gil is a great actor and I hope I see this show. I believe it is to be aired in February coming soon. Looking forward to seeing this. Kim Nam Gil deserves an award!😊❤️


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