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About Kim Nam Gil, a Gifted Leader❤️

I recently wrote a comment about Kim Nam Gil and his qualities and achievements😊. I would like to say that I feel KNG of course ALWAYS performs brilliantly not just because of his very high standards, but also because he truly IS innately the best, regardless of my admiration for him. ❤️❤️❤️

When I say KNG is the best, it is because he really IS – the best – as an actor, and as a man. KNG is not only the Best Actor, but also Spiritually Gifted, the Perfect Man, and a Pure Heart.

I feel we should recognize that KNG is much more than an brilliant actor- he is a Leader. Korea is blessed to have him, and the whole world is blessed to have him too.❤️❤️❤️

Comment – Entertainment – 5/1/19

Dear KNG: You will always be Best Actor and the Perfect Man in my eyes.😊❤️🙏😘 – Golden Goddess Crystalle

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A Comment About Kim Nam Gil❤️

What is my view of Kim Nam Gil?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning expressed her love in a language that was a bit archaic for us now but most expressive. The message is that her love for this person she was writing about was for so many different reasons and that she felt it intensely in so many different ways.❤️ This poem expresses my feelings about KNG.😊

I feel Kim Nam Gil is unique as a man and as an actor for so many different reasons. It is best if I list some of them briefly here:

KNG is very independent. I deeply admire a person who is very independent – someone who “thinks outside the box”. An example is his humanitarian and artistic website, Gil-Story. I love that website because it is his creation. He is at the head of an effort to promote Korean culture and arts, and to help provide hope for those in need. There are other ways in which he shows his independence, of course. He seems to do as he wishes with his life, not what others tell him he should do. I must say I really love that quality in him.

KNG is very intelligent. I have seen his work, his posts and his actions over the years, and it has become apparent to me that KNG has an exceptionally high level of intelligence. Another quality I love about him! This is not necessarily the kind of intelligence that can be measured in IQ tests- it is an innate perceptiveness and ability to sense and read people, situations, and reality-and on top of that KNG is very kind and compassionate.

Although KNG can be very comical and easy-going, KNG is very powerful. Do not underestimate KNG – he is a force to contend with. He is very powerful. And this is obvious partly in his charisma. People can sense his power. And this may cause certain people especially controlling people to feel intimidated. But I love KNG’s power. Because he is a benevolent force, I feel safer with KNG in this world.

KNG I think likes to be in charge. Although he is very accomodating and considerate with with directors and others in his profession, I have seen him over the years and he does adorable things like tell people where to stand on the stage, give instructions to his contributors, and things of the like. In short, he is a bit bossy.😂❤️ But I LOVE that about KNG. ❤️ Because this is the mark of a leader. If he were not able to take charge, he might not be a leader. I feel that in the future it will be very important for him to exemplify this quality about him – “bossy”❤️❤️❤️

KNG is very humble. When his shows are very well viewed, for example, he shows surprise!❤️ He thanks his fans for supporting him.❤️

He is very humanitarian. He worries about people who are experiencing disasters.. He raises funds to help disaster victims. This is obvious in his Gil-Story webpage.

KNG has a powerful appearance. Tall and thin, KNG is very powerful and handsome. People will notice him, which certainly helps as a leader.❤️

KNG is an excellent actor. He can be extremely comical and funny. Or serious and scary.❤️ KNG is extremely versatile as an actor. He is also able to perform very difficult and complex roles. This is apparent in The Fiery Priest where he plays the role of an ex-intelligence agent turned priest.😊❤️He played the role of Bidam in The Great Queen Seon-deuk brilliantly and received an award for that.❤️ In so many movies he has shown his amazing acting talents.

I also believe KNG is spiritually gifted – and I could write a book about that.❤️😊❤️😘He is a deep, wise, philosophical and mystical thinker, which is obvious in his Gil-Story website and even when he appeared as a DJ live online recently. This drew me to KNG in the first place.

There are so many special and unique characteristics about KNG that I cannot enumerate them all here.

It looks like my comments are getting too long – so I will finish this comment now.

And I would like to say to KNG:

“KNG, you are my hero. You live in my heart. And I feel you are truly- The Perfect Man.”

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The Fiery Priest – Final Episodes, then…?

We’ve seen the fiery priest defeat the thugs finally in the last episodes of The Fiery Priest😂❤️❤️. Even the Pope goes to see the fiery priest to tell him he should remain in the Church.😊 That is a truly touching sweet scene.❤️ The fiery priest has managed to stay in one piece 😂😊❤️despite the innumerable fights he has undergone. He stays true to his righteously combative nature through and through❤️. He is both an excellent ex-intelligence agent and an excellent (and comical) priest.

Kim Nam Gil has performed extremely well, maintaining the balance between peaceful spirituality and violence, forgiveness and righteous anger, compassion and punishment.

He has essentially played two roles at the same time, which must be extremely difficult to do. It is almost like having a dual personality.😊 And fusing those personalities into one person.

Unlike many of the other actors who play the roles of those who turn into better persons, from thugs to fighters for justice, KNG is playing the role of priest and ex-intelligence officer SIMULTANEOUSLY.😮❤️❤️

As I stated before, KNG is unusual and exceptional in many ways. He is comical and silly, and serious and handsome. He is talented in martial arts, and I see him doing humanitarian work as well. He plays dramatic roles as well as comedic roles very well. He is extremely hard-working and responsible beyond the call of duty.

I personally believe he is spiritually gifted, most importantly.😘❤️🙏

If anyone should get an award for acting it should be Kim Nam Gil❤️❤️❤️🌹. I hope all the powers that be reward him with an award for Best Actor and I hope the directors and producers in the Korean movie and tv industry recognize his amazing talents.😊❤️❤️❤️

The last scene of the final episode provides previews of coming attractions.😂 It shows a large group of armed thugs rushing out to attack him and his supporters😂😂. If there is a Season 2, which may well be, I certainly look forward to seeing it. ❤️❤️❤️

BRAVO, Kim Nam Gil, you are an exceptional actor and an exceptional man. You set an example for all of us.❤️❤️❤️😘

Comment – Entertainment-15

The Fiery Priest – The Fight Intensifies

The fiery priest is back to slugging thugs and doing his awesome martial arts flying kicks😂You just can’t keep a fiery priest down!! He’s a strategist but still a martial arts fighting expert❤️ Honestly I don’t know how KNG does it. It takes a tremendous amout of raw unbelievable stamina to perform all the action scenes he has done for this show.❤️❤️❤️ You will never find a more professional and hard-working actor than KNG.❤️❤️❤️

The priest is relentless. He will pursue the thugs til the ends of the earth it seems.😊

Now you see him scheming to steal the 150 million won stash in the vault of the thugs so the thugs will be incapacitated with no funds. With his team he devises a way to get into the vault. He incapacitated many of the thugs’ men by feeding them a poisonous flower essence. The plan works but not without creating a horrible stench😂

The priest’s ex-boss at the intelligence agency has his plans however to steal the money from all the other thugs. He seals everyone except the senior prosecutor and himself in the vault, cutting off their supply of oxygen. But in a hilarious scene, the quack shaman’s men break the wall of the vault just on time, since they have been digging a tunnel to the vault. 😂 This frees everyone.

The next step is to track the money because the priest’s ex-boss steals the money and transports it to another location. The priest and his team find the truck but the degree of evil of his ex-boss is greater than expected. They find the two men who transported the money dead.

It’s not enough that the two men who transported the money are dead… now the priest’s ex-boss will attack those close to the priest.😢

The priest is highly intelligent but he underestimates the degree of depravity of his ex-boss. When the priest and the other younger priest go to see a movie and have dinner to finally relax, the priest’s ex-boss traps the priest with a gate and beats up the younger priest. The ex-boss’s men give a final blow to the younger priest with a pipe brutally smashing his skull.😮😪

Let’s see what the next 4 episodes bring😊 KNG continues his brilliant acting❤️❤️❤️ If you watch the last 4 episodes, you will see why I call KNG the Perfect Man.❤️❤️❤️

Comment – Entertainment-14

The Fiery Priest – Is a Brilliant Strategist

The last few episodes have seen the fiery priest, played by Kim Nam Gil, evolve from an angry priest and ex-intelligence officer, to a scheming, brilliant strategist and a more compassionate priest – although still temperamental.

He gains the support of more and more people, including the Thai immigrant and the female prosecutor. The male prosecutor on the other hand is increasingly dark and evil and guilty of moral turpitude. In the US, at least, such a lawyer would easily face disbarment – and the female prosecutor would too, for obediently following his orders🤣

The fiery priest devises plans and schemes to catch the thugs and the extent of corruption widens to encompass drug-pushing gangs. When the female prosecutor’s life is threatened, she does a 180 degree turn and becomes angry – then she persuades the priest to join her in bringing down the thugs…

The fiery priest devises a clever scheme to catch the thugs and there is a hilarious scene where the male detective bought masks so the priest dresses as a German shepherd while he dresses as a yellow dog🤣🤣 The shepherd reminds me of a wolf, by the way.  Both wolves and shepherds are very intelligent animals-very much like the fiery priest.❤️❤️❤️

The priest is his usual skeptical self but is determined to do whatever it takes to bring down the thugs.

The priest is showing more signs of being “human” and argues with the male detective as to whether or not he has to wear the sheperd mask – this time the detective wins!! And when Father Han performs his comical acting routine to prevent the Russian thugs from escaping, the fiery priest, who is listening in on the conversation, begins to cry😂😂😂

Still, the fiery priest continues to persevere, showing his remarkable intelligence and leadership. His schemes work and he and his team manage to catch – at least some of the thugs😂❤️

KNG is hilarious when he starts to cry and when he asks the detective if he can have some soju, acting like a little boy😂😂❤️❤️ In another scene he is confronted with facing too many thugs, and runs away from them with a statue of the Virgin Mary😂😂😂

The show continues to be entertaining and comical and the screenwriter has done a magnificent job of holding the viewers’ attention throughout all the episodes 😊

The production team and the screenwriter have managed to cleverly shift the focus away from heavy action scenes for the priest to planning and scheming scenes in which the priest is the leader of the team – more and more the fiery priest is becoming more of a strategist and the results are productive😂😂😂

I look forward to the new episodes and to seeing KNG perform so brilliantly. ❤️❤️❤️ All of the actors and actresses have been very well chosen to play their respective roles, but I must say the fiery priest, KNG, is still the king of my heart.❤️❤️❤️

(By the way, KNG, your work in your Gil-Story website(s) is so impressive❤️❤️❤️ Despite your busy schedule, you manage to post beautiful creations by your gifted artists, musicians and writers.❤️Thank you❤️❤️❤️ You are the Perfect Man.)

Comment – Entertainment-13

The Fiery Priest – Is A Beautiful Girl???

Who would ever think that a man as masculine as Kim Nam Gil would turn into a beautiful girl?😂😂

But that is exactly what happened in Episode 21 of The Fiery Priest. Of all the episodes, this scene stands out the most in my mind right now. It is so well played by Kim Nam Gil, that he deserves an award just for this scene.❤️❤️😂😂

In the process of performing his investigation of the thugs who killed his mentor, the old priest, the fiery priest and the male detective sneak their way into thug territory. The male detective dresses as a middle eastern oil billionaire, complete with a checkered tablecloth on his head with gold jewelry. And the fiery priest (wow!) dresses as his consort, wearing a long wig with bangs, a tight miniskirt pink dress, black hose, —oh and let’s not forget – ankle height heavy black boots😂😂😂 He carries a purse and wears red lipstick. He hides his masculine Adam’s apple on his neck with a wide black ribbon which unfortunately does not really hide the fact that he is a man. But Kim Nam Gil pulls it off beautifully. The priest flips his hair around and sits at a table which they found in that area and then he gets flirtatious looks from another man sitting at this outdoor restaurant. Of course, Kim Nam Gil with his long legs and black hose sits with his legs open like a man😂😂😂 This of course attracts the attention from that man sitting in front of him. 😂😂No one realizes that it’s the priest and not a woman. Then the priest pulls down his skirt modestly like a girl to avoid further attention😂😂😂 I wonder just HOW Kim Nam Gil managed to appear so feminine with those long (hairy) legs of his😂😂 As the detective and he depart, the priest speaks to the detective in a high pitched feminine voice, and that scene made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. 😂😂😂 At one point the detective got mesmerized by the priest’s feminine appearance and shook his head to wake himself out of it😂😂😂

What can I say? IF you miss everything else, just don’t miss episode 21…I hope KNG appears again in that outfit because he is so hilarious, but I doubt it.

Meantime the priest has been putting forth great efforts to catch the thugs but they are as devious and slippery as a snake. In one scene the female prosecutor goes through great lengths to save the priest from being discovered by the police and everyone else, and in another the priest jumps through a glass window to save the prosecutor.

I have no idea how the staff and production team staged that jump by the priest smashing through the window. And I try hard not to lose sleep worrying about KNG’s safety and whether he suffered any cuts from a breaking window😂😂😂But the production team and staff have done a marvelous job of creating that scene. 😂😂😂

I really look forward to the new episodes and I enjoy watching KNG- whether he is playing the role of a man or a woman😂😂😂 KNG is absolutely hilarious❤️❤️❤️😘 Absolutely Perfect!❤️❤️❤️ KNG, you always make my day happy❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

Comment – Entertainment-12

The Fiery Priest – Advancing Toward the Enemy

Episodes 19 and 20 are great! As always hilariously funny😂😂😂 The fiery priest is every bit of an ex-intelligence agent ..and he has his small army of supporters to face the evil thugs.

He’s not alone because he has the other priest, the nun, and the female detective to support him. And the beginning of the male detective’s support too.

There is a great scene in episode 19 where KNG speaks English! He says “good” to the male detective when the male detective offers him help😊 Earlier in another scene the fiery priest appears in Hell in a dream the male detective is having. He tells the detective that in Hell, the male detective would have to live his life over and over again and uses the words “NO NO NO NO…” in English. KNG is adorable speaking English❤️😘😘 So wow! I got one wish fulfilled. I can hardly wait to hear him speak in English again if he chooses to do so😂❤️

And the production team and director feature the priest injured (as in real life on the set), thus building the show around the main actor, the fiery priest❤️❤️❤️Bravo!!! I am so grateful to the production team and director🙏❤️🌹

The male detective as always adds to the comedy in the show. As part of a covert operation with the priest to enter the gangsters’ villa, he disguises himself as a Star Wars wookie😂. The male detective does silly things that get him and the priest discovered by the hilarious female prosecutor, who is apparently suffering at the time from severe bowel problems😂😂😂

Will the gangsters capture the detective and the priest discovered at the gangsters’ villa?

The fiery priest, KNG, just appears more adorable when he keeps fighting despite the setbacks. KNG is a very brave man and I think he has an iron will. I have seen him telling people what to do on stage and otherwise, and he looks a bit bossy— but I really LOVE for him to be bossy❤️❤️❤️😘 It shows a very independent strong man who is a natural leader.🌹❤️ AWESOME!!❤️ KNG really is the Perfect Man, in my humble opinion.❤️😘

Comment – Entertainment-11

The Fiery Priest – Just Gets More Fiery😂

I have seen up to Episode 18 and more is coming tomorrow.

The Fiery Priest scores a big win after he exposes the corruption of the gangsters in the district. KNG is so funny as he portrays the mischievous side of the fiery priest. His smile is like that of a shark ready to take a chunk out of somebody’s flesh😂❤️

Meantime the gangsters are doing damage control😂 They reorganize to try to escape justice. And both prosecutors are in on the action!😂

The male detective is also so comical because he makes an already funny scene ten times funnier. First he gets hit with a baseball bat swung by the fiery priest accidentally and then he butts his head hard against the gangster with the bob, and now he gets punched by the female prosecutor😂😂🤣 also by mistake. And then she apologizes for punching him😂😂😂 She is so hilarious😂

Where does it end?? 😂😂😂

Then there is the adorable handsome scheming priest❤️❤️❤️ Definitely the priest is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 😘😂❤️ Just can’t get enough of KNG❤️❤️❤️ This priest just keeps fighting and fighting and going on like the Energizer battery bunny in the Energizer battery advertisement😂😂😂

I was right – you can’t get the spots out of a leopard😂😂😂 He is kind of like a different species of priest😂

The fiery priest, KNG, has this hilarious laugh❤️❤️❤️ So much mischief in that laugh😂❤️ When he appears in one scene as the priest talking from hell in the male detective’s dream, the thought came to my mind that KNG would make a great comical Lucifer😂😂😂

This time because he wound up injuring his hand, (as it appears in the show) he does not have the full agility as before and gets bashed by the gangsters. The last scene in Episode 18 shows him exhausted and bloody😢😢

I am just glad this is a movie and not real life😂 I am so “protective” it hurts me to see KNG hurt even when he is just acting😂 When I see KNG playing scenes like this I want to cry. And when I think he may be truly injured in real life I can’t sleep. So I really hope The Fiery Priest (KNG) forgives me for being such a sensitive fan.🙏

I am grateful to C-Jes Entertainment, the producers and director, and the crew of Fiery Priest for caring for the safety of the actors in this action-filled comedy. ❤️ – their efforts and great production are obvious❤️😊🙏

I can hardly wait to see KNG again in tomorrow’s episodes – KNG’s independent strong personality and power of presence are awesome and are apparent in his brilliant acting, and I wonder if he is aware of how much wonderful power he really has😊❤️😘

More soon.❤️❤️❤️



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